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October 9, 1865 - Samuel Van Syckel laid first underground two-inch oil pipeline with three relay pumps, 5.5 miles between wells, railroad between Oil Creek and Pithole, PA; carried eighty barrels of oil an hour; teamsters turned out in fury, dug up, cut pipe so that oil would be lost; armed guard  stationed to hold teamsters in check.

May 4, 1869 - Thomas F. Rowland, of Greenpoint, NY, received a patent for a "Rock Drill" ("Improved Submarine Drilling-Apparatus"); offshore oil-drill rig.

1880 - Solomon R. Dresser established S.R. Dresser & Co. in Bradford, PA to sell the packer, device designed to keep oil, water separated underground during drilling operations; April 2, 1889 - received a patent for "Pipe-Coupling" (" provide means to prevent pipes from pulling out of their connections when coupled together"); prevented leakages from gas pipelines, facilitated delivery of gas over long distances; 1927 - annual sales of $3.7 million, 400 employees; 1928 - went public. renamed Dresser Industries; 1930s - diversified, acquired manufacturers of valves, heaters, pumps, engines, compressors; became major manufacturer of products used in production, extraction of energy (oil derricks, blowers, drill bits, refractories, drilling mud); 1982 - acquired International Hough,  construction and mining equipment division of International Harvester Co.; 1998 - merged with Halliburton; April 10, 2001 - acquired by management,  renamed Dresser Inc.

1901 - Morris W. Kellogg established M. W. Kellogg Company, small pipe fabrication business, in New York City; grew to become world-class engineering firm; led to new technologies that became foundation for petroleum refining,  petrochemical processing facilities; 1988 - acquired by Dresser Industries; 1998 - acquired by Halliburton formed Kellogg Brown & Root (engineering, construction  subsidiary).

Morris W. Kellogg (left) - M. W. Kellogg Company (ttp://

1919 - Erle P. Halliburton established New Method Oil Well Cementing Company in Oklahoma; December 1962 - acquired Brown & Root, following Herman Brown's death.

1919 - George and Herman Brown partnered with Dan Root (brother-in-law), established Brown & Root, construction business; built roads in Texas; 1937 - principal source of campaign funds for Lyndon Johnson's initial run for Congress in return for persuading Bureau of Reclamation to change rules against paying for dam on land federal government did not own; 1947 - built one of world's first offshore oil platforms; December 1962 - acquired by Halliburton; 1998 - merged with Kellogg engineering subsidiary of Dresser Industries, formed Kellogg Brown & Root.

1919 - Conrad and Marcel Schlumberger, their father founded Société de Prospection Electrique (later named Schlumber Limited).

1929 - James L. Anderson and Robert S. Kerr formed  Anderson & Kerr Drilling Company in Ada, OK; 1937 - Dean A. McGee joined company; 1946 - name changed to Kerr-McGee; August 2006 - acquired by Andarko Petroleum for $16.4 billion.

Big oil and gas mergers (global)
Date announced           Target/ Acquirer                                              Value ($bln)
1. 12/01/98             Mobil /Exxon                                                              86.4
2. 10/28/04             Shell Transport/Trading Royal Dutch Petroleum        80.3
3. 07/19/99             Total Fina/Elf Aquitaine                                             56.2*
4. 07/05/99             Elf Aquitaine/Total Fina                                             55.3
5. 08/11/98             Amoco/British Petroleum                                           55.0
6. 02/25/06             Gaz de France/Suez                                                  44.7
7. 12/12/05             Burlington Resources/ConocoPhillips                         36.5
8. 05/29/06             Kinder Morgan/Investor Group                                  26.5
9. 06/23/06             Kerr-McGee/
Western Gas Resources Anadarko                                                           23.3
* Withdrawn Data: Thomson Financial

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  George and Herman Brown (right) (ttp://

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Erle P. Halliburton (

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Image of Robert S. Kerr Sr. Robert S. Kerr Sr. - Kerr-McGee (

Image of Dean A. McGee Dean A. McGee - Kerr-McGee (

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Francois Conrad Schlumberger  ( Schlumbergers/Schlumberger ConradThm.jpg)

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