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November 21, 1620 - First English written contract in North America, executed aboard the Mayflower off Cape Cod, MA; 41 men signed Mayflower Compact: " In ye name of God, Amen. We whose names are underwriten, the loyall subjects of our dread soveraigne Lord King James by ye grace of God, of Great Britaine, Franc, & Ireland king, defender of ye faith, &c...."

First English written contract  (

October 4, 1636 - The General Court of the Plymouth Colony instituted legal code, first composed in North America.

July 21, 1733 - Harvard College granted first honorary Doctor of Law degree in U. S. to John Winthrop.

1792 - John Wells, orphan from Otsego County, New York, started law practice in lower Manhattan; 1818 - established one of first law partnerships with George Washington Strong; focused on commercial claims, litigation, maritime law, real estate, wills; 1878 - Charles Strong headed firm; John L. Cadwalader, former Assistant Secretary of State, joined; catapulted Strong & Cadwalader into ranks of elite firms representing major corporations; 1883 - George W. Wickersham, antitrust expert, joined Firm (serve as U.S. Attorney General under President Taft in 1909); 1889 - Henry W. Taft joined; renowned for corporate antitrust defense work, railroad expertise (appointed Special Assistant to U.S. Attorney for Southern District of New York in 1905); 1914 - name changed to Cadwalader, Wickersham & Taft; 1942 - Catherine Noyes Lee made partner, first woman partner of major Wall Street firm.

Charles Strong, John L. Cadwalader,  George W. Wickersham, Henry W. Taft - Cadwalader, Wickersham & Taft  (

1805 - Thomas Addis Emmet began law practice in New York City; represented Robert Fulton, John Jacob Astor; handled 45 appeals before New York State Supreme Court; Attorney General of State of new York during War of 1812; 1920 - Langdon P. Martin and Franklin D. Roosevelt joined firm (FDR left in 1924 after contracting polio); 1921 - George Whitney Martin joined firm, name changed to Emmet, Marvin & Martin.

Thomas Addis Emmet  ( thumb/6/63/ThomasAddisEmmet.jpg/200px-ThomasAddisEmmet.jpg)

1817 - Asa Rice began law business in Buffalo, NY, fledgling village on western frontier of nation; 1825 - led citizens' committee which brought western terminus of Erie Canal to Buffalo; December 11, 1945 - law firm of Hodgson, Russ, Andrews, Woods and Goodyear formed; January 1, 2001 - name shortened to Hodgson Russ LLP; Buffalo’s largest, oldest law firm.

1834 - Orsamus H. Marshall opened law practice in Buffalo, NY; changed to Marshall & Harvey; 1862 - Lyman K. Bass joined firm, renamed Harvey & Bass; 1872 - Wilson S. Bissell joined firm, renamed Bass & Bissell; 1874 - Grover Cleveland joined, renamed Bass, Cleveland & Bissell (Cleveland left in 1881, became governor of New York); 1897 - Walter P. Cooke joined firm, renamed Bissell, Carey & Cooke; 1906 - Daniel J. Kenefick (former State Supreme Court Justice) joined practice, created Kenefick, Cooke & Mitchell (James McCormick Mitchell); 1911 - Edward H. Letchworth (former Deputy Attorney General of New York) joined Kenefick, Cooke, Mitchell & Bass; 1928 - George F. Phillips joined firm; 1929 - renamed Kenefick, Cooke, Mitchell, Bass & Letchworth; 1946 - William E. Lytle joined firm;  1960 - renamed Phillips, Mahoney, Lytle, Yorkey & Letchworth; 1970 - renamed Phillips, Lytle, Hitchcock, Blaine & Huber (John F. Huber joined firm in 1967); 1978 -Jamestown, NY office (via merger); 1982 - Rochester, NY office (via merger); opened office in New York City; 1994 - Fredonia, NY office (via merger); 2003 - name changed to Phillips Lytle LP; 2006 - Albany, NY office via merger); 142-year relationship with Marine Midland Bank (established 1850, now HSBC); farthest geographic reach of any law firm in state of New York.

Orsamus H. Marshall - Phillips Lytle LP (

1836 - Hiram Barney, William Mulligan founded Kelley Drye &Warren.

August 19, 1841 - First set of standard bankruptcy laws; before repealed a few years later, 33,737 people invoked newfound right to voluntarily declare for bankruptcy.

April 29, 1845 - Macon B. Allen, Robert Morris Jr.,  first blacks to open law practice; May 3, 1855 - Allen became first African-American admitted to Bar in Massachusetts.

1849 - Francis N. Bangs started law practice; 1880 - Francis L. Stetson, former New York City assistant corporation counsel, joined as partner; developed J.P. Morgan & Company account (1901 - helped Morgan create United States Steel Corporation and Northern Securities Company, railroad trust; reorganized United States Rubber Company, helped establish International Harvester Company); 1894 - formed firm of Stetson, Jennings & Russell; 1896-1914 - no more than 7 partners; 1919 - first real partnership created under Allen Wardwell (joined firm as clerk after graduating from Harvard Law School in 1898); 1920 - Frank Polk joined firm; 1921 - John W. Davis, ambassador to Great Britain from 1918-1921, joined; renamed Davis Polk Wardwell Gardiner & Reed (George H. Gardiner, Lansing P. Reed); 1954 - 26 partners, called Davis Polk Wardwell Sunderland & Kiendl (Edwin Sunderland, Theodore Kiendl); 1964 - 37 partners; renamed Davis Polk & Wardwell; 1998 - gross revenues of $435 million; 1999 - profits per partner of $1.61 million.

April 3, 1849 - Frederick Billings, arrived from Vermont on April 1, rented small office on Brenham Place to practice land law; first lawyer in San Francisco; first customer - John A. Sutter (gold discovered on his property ion January 24); formed partnership with Archibald Peachy, opened an office in City Hotel on Clay St. (at Kearny); December 31, 1849 - Henry Wager Halleck joined firm, renamed "Halleck, Peachy & Billings, Attorneys & Solicitors"; handled more than 800 of California's 1,400 land claim cases; 1861 - firm dissolved.

October 15, 1852 - Richard Tobin admitted to practice before Supreme Court of California; 1875 - Robert (oldest son) joined firm as partner; 1919 - Cyril R. Tobin (grandson) took over; California's oldest law firm.

1853 - Frederick H. Winston established law practice in Chicago with Norman Judd (nominated Abraham Lincoln for President in 1860 at Republican national Convention in Chicago), represented railroads; 1878 - Frederick S. Winston (son) joined firm; 1892 - Silas H. Strawn joined firm; 1951 - name changed to Winston, Strawn, Black & Towner; 1987 - organization structure changed from operating committee to executive committee.

1853 - Frederic Rene Coudert founded Coudert Brothers in New York; later joined by two brothers, Charles (junior) and Louis Leonce; 1879 - opened law office in Paris, believed to be first international law practice.

1853 - Fredrick Hampden Winston began law practice in Chicago; 1894 - Silas H. Strawn joined firm (managing partner for 40 years); 1953 -approximately 40 lawyers; 2003 - nearly 900 lawyers.

1865 - John Codman Ropes, John Chipman Gray founded Ropes & Gray in Boston, MA.

1866 - Norman Williams, John Leverett Thompson formed law partnership, Williams & Thompson, in Chicago, IL; 1892 - William Pratt Sidley joined firm; 1900 - renamed Holt, Wheeler & Sidley; 1913 - name changed to Holt, Cutting & Sidley; 1914 - Edwin C. Austin joined firm; Pullman, Western Electric, Illinois Steel as clients; 1916 - nine lawyers; 1920s - name changed to Cutting, Moore & Sidley; 1941 - known as Sidley, McPherson, Austin & Burgess (32 lawyers); 1950-1967 - named Sidley, Austin, Burgess & Smith; 1967 - name changed to Sidley & Austin (80 lawyers, half partners); 1972 - merged with Chicago firm Leibman, Williams, Bennett, Baird & Minow; 150 lawyers; May 2001 - merged with Brown & Wood (founded in 1914 in New York), renamed Sidley Austin Brown & Wood LLP; January 2006 - name changed to Sidley Austin LLP.

1866 - Law firm of Anderson, Adams & Young established in New York; 1920 - Harrison Tweed became member of Murray, Prentice & Aldrich, predecessor of Milbank; 1929 - Morris Hadley joined firm; April 1929 - Murray & Aldrich combined with Webb, Patterson & Hadley, became Murray, Aldrich & Webb; 1931 - merged with Masten & Nichols, formed Milbank, Tweed, Hope & Webb; Albert G. Milbank, former partner in Masten & Nichols, named senior partner; 1946 - John J. McCloy, former partner at Cravath, Swaine & Moore, former Assistant Secretary of War from 1941-1945, joined firm; 1962 - renamed Milbank, Tweed, Hadley & McCloy LLP.

February 14, 1870 - Esther Morris became world's first female justice of the peace.

June 30, 1870 - Ada Kepley became first female law school graduate from Union College of Law (Northwestern), 1869-1870.

1873 - Thomas Shearman, John W. Sterling formed partnership.

1874 - Evans Searle (E. S.) Pillsbury opened law office in San Francisco; 1875 - William E. Green became partner, renamed Pillsbury & Green; 1879 - David Titus replaced Green as partner, renamed Pillsbury & Titus; 1883 - Pillsbury resigned partnership, formed Wallace, Pillsbury & Blanding; 1895 - Alfred Sutro, Frank D. Madison joined firm; 1898 - Horace D. Pillsbury (son), joined; renamed E.S. Pillsbury and Pillsbury, Madison & Sutro; 1904 - Alfred Sutro made partner; 1905 - renamed Pillsbury, Madison & Sutro; 1998 - elected Mary Cranston as new chair of managing board, first woman to lead major law firm; 2001 - merged with Winthrop Stimson Putnam and Roberts' created bi-coastal law firm focused on capital markets, intellectual property, finance, energy, litigation, real estate; 2005 - merged with Washington, DC-based Shaw Pittman (founded 1954 by Bradley Shaw, Steuart Pittman); name changed to Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman.

August 21, 1878 - The American Bar Association  founded in Saratoga, NY.

1879 - Algernon Sydney Sullivan, William Nelson Cromwell founded Sullivan & Cromwell; 1882 - involved in formation of Edison General Electric Company; 1902 - involved in formation of United States Steel Corporation.

February 15, 1879 - President Rutherford B. Hayes signed a bill allowing female attorneys to argue cases before Supreme Court.

March 3, 1879 - Belva Ann Bennett Lockwood became first woman admitted to practice before U.S. Supreme Court.

1881 - Alexander F. Morrison became associated with San Francisco firm of Cope & Boyd; 1883 - with colleague Thomas V. O'Brien formed firm of O'Brien & Morrison; 1890 - Constantine E.A. Foerster, William R. Daingerfield became associated with firm, name changed to O'Brien, Morrison, & Daingerfield; 1892 - Morrison and Foerster dissolved firm, commenced practice of law under name of Morrison & Foerster; 1975 - name made permanent after 14 changes.

1883 - Robert M. Fitzgerald opened Oakland legal practice in two-room office on Broadway in downtown Oakland, CA; 1895 - Carl H. Abbott became junior partner; 1900 - formed partnership with Donald Y. Campbell, E.S. Fowler; moved practice to San Francisco; 1906 - earthquake, fire precipitated Fitzgerald and Abbott's return to Oakland; 1908 - Charles A. Beardsley became  associate; 1913 - made partner; name changed to Fitzgerald Abbott & Beardsley; oldest law firm in continuous existence in East Bay area, one of oldest firms in California.

Carl H. Abbott - Fitzgerald Abbott & Beardsley  (

1885 - John R. Jarboe, former general counsel for German Savings and Loan Society (later part of First Interstate Bank of California) founded Jarboe, Harrison & Goodfellow; 1891 - partnership dissolved; 1901 - W. S. Goodfellow formed new partnership with Charles Eells, Goodfellow & Eells; 1910 - William H. Orrick joined firm; 1914 - Stanley Moore joined, name changed to Goodfellow, Eells, Moore & Orrick; 1927 - Ralph Palmer, Tom Dahlquist, George Herrington, Mitchell Neff became partners; 1932 - Eric Sutcliffe joined firm; 1947 - became managing partner; 1980 - name changed to Orrick, Herrington and Sutcliffe.

William H. Orrick - Orrick, Herrington and Sutcliffe  (

January 2, 1885 - Jackson A. Graves (32), Henry W. O'Melveny (26) entered into written agreement; established law firm of Graves & O'Melveny; later named O'Melveny &Myers in Los Angeles.

1890 - John D. Bicknell, Walter Trask  formed law firm; 1897 - Judge James Gibson joined firm; became Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher.

1890 - Emanuel S. Heller opened law practice at 124 Sansome Street, Room 30 in San Francisco; 1896 -  partnership of Heller & Powers formed; 1905 - Sidney Ehrman entered partnership, renamed Heller, Powers & Ehrman; 1921 - Jerome White and Florence McAuliffe joined partnership, renamed Heller, Ehrman, White & McAuliffe; 1929 - McAuliffe negotiated financing for construction of the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge; 1937 - White served as Golden Gate Bridge District's General Counsel, arranged for the bonds to carry project; 1969 - took on Parisi v. Davidson case pro bono, successfully argued in U.S. Supreme Court, defined rights of conscientious objectors during Vietnam War; 2003 - The American Lawyer recognized firm as one of Top 20 "A-List" law firms in the U.S.

1890 - George Wharton Pepper joined law practice of Bayard Henry on Walnut Street in Philadelphia; 1922 - Pepper appointed to United States Senate to fill unexpired term of Senator Boies Penrose; 1954 - merged with Evans, Bayard & Frick, renamed Pepper, Bodine, Frick, Scheetz &Hamilton; 1960 - merged with Moffett, Frye &Leopold (first female partner, Roberta P. McKinney); 1992 - Barbara W. Mather elected firm’s first executive partner; among first women to become chief executive of major law firm in United States.

1893 - Amos Burt (A.B.) Thompson admitted to Ohio Bar, established commercial law practice in downtown Cleveland; went into partnership with Charles P. Hine; 1911 - Walter L. Flory joined firm, name changed to Thompson, Hine and Flory; 2001 - name changed to Thompson Hine; 2011 - nearly 400 lawyers.

Amos Burt (A.B.) Thompson - Thompson Hine (

March 1, 1893 - Judge Edwin J. Blandin, William Lowe Rice founded Blandin & Rice law firm in Cleveland, OH; 1900 - Frank Ginn joined firm; name changed to Blandin, Rice & Ginn; 1911 - Thomas H. Jones joined firm; 1912 - Thomas H. Hogsett joined firm; renamed Blandin, Hogsett & Ginn; 1913 - Sheldon H. Tolles, John E. Morley joined partnership; renamed Tolles, Hogsett, Ginn & Morley; 1927 - renamed Tolles, Hogsett & Ginn; John Reavis as head of tax department; January 1, 1939 - merged with Day, Young, Veach & LeFever (Luther Day, Cleveland); renamed Jones, Day, Cockley & Reavis; 1946 - opened first office outside of Ohio in Washington, DC (3 lawyers); 1957 - Richard Pogue joined firm; 1974 - renamed Jones, Day, Reavis & Pogue (managing partner 1984-1993).

May 1, 1894 - Stephen Ostrom Edwards formed law partnership with Walter F. Angell in Providence, RI; 2005 - merged with Palmer & Dodge LLP; renamed Edwards Angell Palmer & Dodge; 2008 -  merged with London-based Kendall Freeman (40-attorney firm with specialties in dispute resolution, litigation, contentious and regulatory insurance, reinsurance; more than 550 attorneys in 13 offices; October 1, 2011 - merged with Chicag0-based Wildman, Harrold, Allen & Dixon; renamed Edwards Wildman Palmer LLP (14-office, 650-lawyer firm).

Stephen O. Edwards - Edwards & Angell (

1896 - Edwin T. Cooper founded law firm in San Francisco at the Crocker Building at Post, Montgomery and Market Streets; represented contractors, manufacturers, maritime interests; 1920s - formed partnership with Charles T. White; renamed Cooper & White; 1930 - Sheldon G. Cooper (son) joined firm; 1933 - renamed Cooper, White & Cooper; 1950s - firm's range of services expanded to longstanding clients (Metropolitan Stevedore Company, Continental Air Lines, The Chronicle Publishing Company, San Francisco Newspaper Agency, Roseville Telephone Company); 1996 - 60 attorneys; spectrum of clients in telecommunications, publishing, television, aviation, healthcare, high technology, commercial finance, marine transportation, real estate, construction, homebuilding, manufacturing, sales, services, hospitality, nonprofit organizations, tourism.

1902 - Cornick, Wright & Frantz was formed with offices in downtown Knoxville, TN; by 1912 - added Charles M. Seymour, Thomas G. McConnell, Robert M. McConnell; 1920 - name changed to Frantz, McConnell & Seymour, LLP; never have had more than 20 attorneys.

September, 1904 - Frank Hogan started law firm in Washington, DC; 1925 - Nelson T. Hartson, former solicitor of internal revenue, joined firm; renamed Hogan & Hartson.

1913 - Frank Rockwell, former Summit County (OH) prosecuting attorney, Charles T. Grant, his assistant, established law partnership of Rockwell & Grant; 1921 - Lisle M. Buckingham, Judge C.R. Grant, Joseph Thomas formed law partner-ship of Grant, Thomas & Buckingham; 1929 - Buckingham's firm merged; renamed Rockwell, Grant, Thomas & Buckingham; January 1934 - Gillum H. Doolittle, attorney for twenty-five years, recruited to into partnership to replace Grant; 1943 - Thomas became Firestone’s general counsel; Edmund Burroughs joined firm, name changed to Buckingham, Doolittle & Burroughs; 1977 - firm incorporated, name changed to Buckingham, Doolittle & Burroughs, A Legal Professional Association; June 1996 - became partnership again, renamed Buckingham, Doolittle & Burroughs, LLP.

July 1, 1918 - Richard Hale, Dudley Dorr founded Hale & Dorr.

January 1, 1919  - Edward B. Burling (Chicago lawyer), J. Harry Covington (former Maryland Congressman and Judge) founded Covington & Burling in Washington, DC; 1930s - renamed Covington, Burling, Rublee, Acheson & Shorb (George Rublee, former Brandeis clerk named Dean Acheson; shortened to Covington & Burling few years later); 1960 - 100 lawyers; 1974-1975 -  Virginia Watkin, Wes Williams named firm's first woman, African American partners; 1980 - 200 lawyers; 1999 - merged with Howard, Smith & Levin (60 lawyers); 2011 - more than 800 lawyers in 8 offices.

1919 - R. C. Fulbright (railway regulation expert), J. H. Crooker (litigator and former district attorney) founded law firm in Union National Bank Building in Houston, TX; 1924 - John Freeman joined firm, renamed Fulbright, Crooker & Freeeman; 1927 - opened Washington office; 1931 - Leon Jaworski joined firm; 1944 - Jaworski assigned to war crimes branch of Judge Advocates General Corps (responsible for investigating German crimes in American zone); 1945 - merged with Gresham, McCorqudale, Martin & Buck (expanded oil and gas practice); 1952 - named Jaworski managing partner (succeeded Crooker); 1973 - Jaworski succeeded Archibald Cox as Watergate Special Prosecutor; 1974 - Jaworski rejoined firm, renamed Fulbright & Jaworski; 1989 - merged with Reavis & McGrath; 2009 - one of largest international law firms in U.S.

January 29, 1926 - Violette Neatley Anderson became first African-American woman admitted to practice before U.S. Supreme Court.

July 26, 1926 - National Bar Association incorporated.

January 1934 - Dana Latham, Paul R. Watkins (former general counsel for Pacific Finance Corporation)  established law practice in Los Angeles, CA; 1972 - opened first office outside LA, in Orange County, CA; 1983 - 237 attorneys; July 1999 - nation's fourth-largest law firm, gross revenues of $502 million, seventeenth in revenues per lawyer ($605,000);  2007 - more than 2,100 attorneys in 24 offices around world; generated gross revenue over $2 billion, highest figure ever reported for U. S.-based law firm; profit per partner of $2.37. million ($1.86 million in 2006).

July 22, 1939 - Fiorello LaGuardia, Mayor of New York City, appointed Jane Matilda Bolin (31) first black woman judge; justice of the Domestic Relations Court (renamed the Family Court in 1962), served with distinction for 40 years.

1945 - Robert S. Strauss, Richard A. Gump left FBI, opened Gump & Strauss law firm in Dallas, TX; 1950 - Irving L. Goldberg and William joined firm, name changed to Goldberg, Fonville, Gump, Strauss & Hauer; 1966 - Henry D. Akin joined firm, Irving L. Goldberg resigned after being appointed to U.S. Court of Appeals for Fifth Circuit; name of 20-lawyer firm changed to Akin, Gump, Strauss, Hauer & Feld.

1948 - Marshall Skadden, John Slate, Les Arps opened law  firm; 1961 - name changed to Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom.

January 12, 1948 - The Supreme Court ruled that states could not discriminate against law-school applicants because of race.

August 30, 1961 - J B Parsons first African American judge of a U.S. District Court.

May 2004 - Hale and Dorr LLP merged with  Washington firm of Wilmer Cutler Pickering LLP.

May, 2005 - 152-year-old Coudert Brothers (first American law firm to open offices in London, Singapore, Moscow) announced it intended to break apart; result of unfocused growth, unprofitable overseas expansion, loss of partners to other firms.

2007 - Latham & Watkins generated gross revenue over $2 billion, highest figure ever reported for U. S.-based law firm; profit per partner of $2.37. million ($1.86 million in 2006).

June 22, 2008 - Decades-old conflict over rules governing civil lawsuits; 2005 - federal legislation made it harder to file class-action lawsuits in state courts (judges, juries perceived as hostile to business); 2007 - number of megaverdicts (more than $100 million) dropped to 2  from 27 in 2000.


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