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1849 - Frederick Whinney joined Harding & Pullein in England; 1859 - made a partner; 1894 - renamed Whinney, Smith & Whinney; 1903 - Alwin and Theodore Ernst founded Ernst & Ernst in Cleveland; 1906 - Scotsman Arthur Young founded Arthur Young & Company in Chicago; 1979 - Ernst & Whinney formed, fourth largest accountancy firm in world; 1989 - Arthur Young merged with Ernst Ernst, formeed Ernst & Young.

1849 - Samuel Lowell Price entered business; 1854 -  William Cooper started firm; 1865  - Price, Holyland and Edwin Waterhouse formed partnership; 1874 - name changed to Price, Waterhouse & Co.

1870 - William Barclay Peat founded accounting firm William Barclay Peat & Co. in London; 1897 - James Marwick and Roger Mitchell founded Marwick, Mitchell & Co. in New York; 1911 - firms merged.

1898 - Robert H. Montgomery, William M. Lybrand, Adam A. Ross Jr. and his brother T. Edward Ross form Lybrand, Ross Brothers and Montgomery; 1957 - Cooper Brothers & Co (UK), McDonald, Currie and Co (Canada) and Lybrand, Ross Bros & Montgomery (US) merge to form Coopers & Lybrand; 1982 - formed PriceWaterhouse World Firm.

1903 - Alwin C Ernst, Theodore ernst (brother) started Ernst & Ernst, small public accounting firm; pioneered idea that accounting information could be used to make business decisions, make difference to clients’ organisations; 1924 - allied with with Whinney Smith & Whinney; 1989 - merged with Arthur Young & Company; created Ernst & Young.

1906 - Arthur Young, Stanley Young (brother) formed Arthur Young & Company, accounting firm; positioned as business advisor (as much as an accountant); 1924 - allied with Broads Paterson & Co.; 1989 - merged with Ernst & Whinney; formed Ernst & Young. 

1937 - Mary T. Washington, student at Chicago School of Business at Northwestern University ,  established accounting firm in her basement; recruited black businesses as clients; 1943 - first female African-American CPA in U. S. (13th black CPA in U. S.; source: National Association of Black Accountants); 1968 - founded Washington, Pittman & McKeever (with Hiram Pittman, Lester McKeever); still one of largest black CPA firms.

Mary T. Washington  (

September 18, 1997 - Coopers & Lybrand and Price Waterhouse agreed to merge to create the world's biggest accounting firm.

March 26, 2002 - Arthur Andersen chief executive Joseph Berardino resigned, bowing to mounting pressure as a result of the accounting firm's role in the Enron scandal.

June 15, 2003 - A jury in Houston convicted accounting firm Arthur Andersen of obstruction of justice.

2006 - Glass Lewis & Co., investment research and proxy advisory firm, conducted study of changes in company auditors; found that 1,430 public companies in U.S. changed auditors in 2005, turnover rate of 11.3% - vs. 1,451 companies in 2004; turnover biggest at small companies (60% of departures characterized as firings, rest as resignations); SEC does not require explanations for departures, none was given in 72% of cases in 2005 up from 58% 2004; 82% of companies audited by Big Four accounting firms gave no explanation; should SEC require all companies to explain departures in all cases, for investor protection? 

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Arthur Andersen (

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Robert H. Montgomery (seated, 2nd from left) - co-founder, Coopers & Lybrand (at  First International Congress of Accountants in St. Louis, 1904;

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William Welch Deloitte (

(Ernst & Whinney - Founded in 1894 by Arthur Young, 1903 by Alvin A. C. Ernst and Theodore Ernst), Edgar Jones; introduction by Peter Mathias (1981). Accountancy and the British Economy, 1840-1980: The Evolution of Ernst & Whinney. (London, UK: B.T. Batsford, 288 p.). Ernst & Whinney; Accounting--Great Britain--History; Accounting firms--Great Britain. 

A.C. Alvin C. Ernst ($FILE/alwin_ernst.jpg)

Arthur Young ($FILE/arthur_young.jpg)

(Hancock), William Threipland Baxter (1965). The House of Hancock. (New York, NY: Russell & Russell, 321 p. [orig. pub. 1945]). South African Professor of Accounting. Hancock, Thomas, 1703-1764. [from old catalog]; Hancock, John, 1737-1793. [from old catalog]; Boston--History--Colonial period. [from old catalog]; Boston--Commerce. [from old catalog]. Study of House of Hancock's accounting methods offers great insight into business practices in Colonial Boston.

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File:Samuelprice.pngSamuel Lowell Price - Price Waterhouse (

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George A. Touche (

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