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1925 - Wallace B. Donham, dean of Harvard' University's Graduate School of Business Administration (1919 to 1942), gathered the editor of the Boston Globe, the Federal Reserve agent attached to the Boston Federal Reserve Bank, and two or three others, formed a Business History Society. Membership composed of librarians, historians, businessmen, immediately began to educate companies and repositories to historical value of business operating records, acquired records for Baker Library at HBS. The fee for membership was $100 a year, the Society regularly issued a Bulletin containing news of its activities. Donham credited with founding of Business History as distinct, academic pursuit.


Johann Jakob Astor

Meyer Guggenheim                    

( commons/thumb/ 0/01/John_Jacob_Astor.jpg/225px-John_Jacob_Astor.jpg) (

Cornelius Vanderbilt

( commons/thumb/ 5/57/ Cornelius_Vanderbilt_Daguerrotype2.jpg/ 250px-Cornelius_Vanderbilt_Daguerrotype2.jpg)

George Eastman
( eastman.jpg)

 J.P. Morgan         
( pierpont-morgan-1881.jpg)

Andrew Carnegie ( assets/4815/Copy%20of%20ANDREW.jpg)
  John D. Rockefeller  
Henry Ford  
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