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717 - Taicho Daishi built, ran spa, Houshi, in town of Awazu Onsen in Ishikawa Prefecture; 1994- recognized by Guinness Book of World Records as oldest inn in world. 

1385 - Giovanni di Piero Antinori joined the Florentine Winemakers Guild; 1965 - Marquis Piero Antinori (25th generation) became Managing Director (President in 1988); mid-1980s - equity position acquired by Whitbread PLC; 1992 - bought out Whitbread; 2007 - revenues of $214 million; 27th generation.

1695 - Petrus De Kuyper, his wife Anna Custer, maker of wooden casks for transporting Dutch gin and beer, established distillery; 1752 - Jan De Kuyper (third son) took over distillery at Schiedam (leading centre for production of Dutch gin); 1769 - Johannes and Pieter De Kuyper (grandsons) bought distillery in Rotterdam; 1920s - started distilling liqueur; 1930s - produced almost 20 varieties of liqueurs; 1934 - formed distribution agreement with National Distillers Products Corp of New York to sell products in USA, established joint production facility in New Jersey; 1986 - Jim Beam Brands Co acquired right to manufacture, market De Kuyper products in USA under perpetual agreement; 1995 - Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands bestowed title "Royal", company name changed from Johannes de Kuyper & Zoon to De Kuyper Royal Distillers; world's largest and leading producer of liqueur; 11th generation of family management.

1786 - Jean-Conrad Hottinguer founded MM Hottinger, bankers, in Paris; contributed to creation of Banque de France, Caisse d'Epargne de Paris, Compagbnie Generale des Eaux; 1989 - Jean-Philippe Hottinguer, Francois and Emmanuel Hottinguer established HR Group; 2007 - renamed Banque Jean-Philippe Hottinguer & Cie.

1875 - Robert Barr, family in cork cutting business since 1830, started producing, selling aerated waters (soft drinks) at Burnfoot Lane in Falkirk, Scotland; 1887 - Robert F. Barr (son) established R.F. Barr’s Glasgow, independently run, Barr aerated waters business, in Great Eastern Road, Glasgow; 1892 - Andrew G. Barr (son) took over Glasgow business as sole proprietor, name changed to A.G. Barr & Co.; 1901 - launched original recipe IRON BREW; quickly became No1 soft drinks business in Scotland; re-launched IRN-BRU onto UK national stage, beyond; 1903 - William Snodgrass Barr (brother, 24) took over management control of A.G. Barr & Co. Glasgow; engaged many sporting heroes of day to endorse brand; 1959 - A.G. Barr & Co. Ltd. acquired Robert Barr Ltd. Falkirk; 1964 - brand name changed to phonetic respelling as IRN-BRU; 1965 - went public; 1967 - acquired Stotherts Ltd. Atherton, brought soft drinks cans into Barr product portfolio; 1978 - received O.B.E. (order of the British Empire) for services to soft drinks industry; 1979 - replaced Plastishield glass bottles with PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) packaging; 2000-2009 - invested in own brands (IRN-BRU, Tizer, D'N'B, St Clements), expanded via in-house new product development, franchise distribution agreements (Orangina, Rubicon, Rockstar), brand acquisitions (Strathmore Spring water, Vitsmart, Rubicon, TAUT); introduced IRN-BRU into number of international soft drinks markets (Russia, Spain, Australia); February 2009 - IRN-BRU became official soft drink sponsor of Rugby League until 2010, broadcast sponsor of Sky Sports' Super League coverage for 2009 (over 10 million viewers through 60 live games broadcast during season).

Robert Barr - A. G. Barr plc ( AttachmentsView/History+Robert+Barr/$file/Robert-Barr-100x120.jpg

1886 - Samuel Curtis Johnson, a carpenter in Racine, WI bought the parquet flooring business of the Racine Hardware Co.; 1888 - introduced Johnson's Prepared Wax to help his customers take care of their floors.

1912 - Leon Leonwood (L. L.) Bean founded L. L. bean in basement of his brother's apparel shop in Freeport, ME; obtained a mailing list of nonresident Maine hunting license holders, sent three-page flyer about Maine Hunting Shoe (leather uppers stitched to workmen's rubber boots - comfortable, functional boot for exploring Maine woods); received 100 orders, got 90 returns (rubber bottoms separated from leather tops); gave full refunds; learned value of personally testing his products, of honest advertising based on firm convictions, of keeping customer satisfied at any cost (service-based philosophy); 1934 - 52-page catalog; 1937 - sales surpassed $1,000,000; 1951 - L.L. Bean opened store 365 days a year, 24 hours a day; 1987 - employed almost 2,000 year-round workers, another 1,000 during peak season; July 2000 - extended retail store presence beyond Maine for first time, opened store in McLean, VA; 2005 - produced 61 catalogs distributed to customers in all 50 US states, more than 140 countries; over 14.5 million customer contacts were received, over 179,000 came on single busiest day of year; December 2005 - over 85,000 orders placed online in single day.

1917 - J. J. and B.A (son) Simon, Latvian immigrants, established Table Supply Meat Company in Omaha, NE; 1952 - first mail order venture (meats shipped in dry ice-filled, wax lined, cardboard cartons - by train); aided by direct parcel shipping, polystyrene shipping coolers, vacuum packaging; 1961 - Nebraska Governor Frank B. Morrison sent Table Supply Meat Company steaks to all U.S. Governors and President Kennedy; 1963 - first direct mail flyers and catalogs sent to customers; 1966 - name changed to Omaha Steaks International; 2006 - two fifth-generation family members now play major roles in managing the company.

1980 - Gérard Glotin, Chairman of Marie Brizard (creator of first anisette in 1755) identified 74 companies with company longevity (minimum age of 200 years), permanence (family must be owner of company or majority share holder, one member of founder must still manage company or be member of board), in good financial health, modern; 30 selected; 1981 - first meeting of Heniokiens Association of Family and Bicentenary companies in Bordeaux; named for Henok (or Enoch), great patriarchs (Caïn’s son, Methuselah’s father, lived before flood, was 365 years old when he ascended to Heaven without having died); 2007 - 40 members in craft industries, trades, services, publishing, heavy industry: 15 Italian, 10 French, 4 German, 1 Dutch, 1 from Northern Ireland, 4 Japanese, 1 Belgian, 2 Swiss (at head of their companies, unique, dynamic managers).

July 14, 2009 - Decline of small business: 2Q 2007-3Q 2008 - Businesses with 1-19 employees (mostly family-run) lost 757,000 jobs (source: Bureau of Labor Statistics) = 53% of all private-sector losses for group of companies with about 20% of nation's employees; lowest profits, fewest capital spending plans since 1973 (source: National Federation of Independent Business).


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