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July 9, 1815 - First natural gas well in United States discovered accidentally during digging of salt brine well near Charleston, WV; 1816 - manufactured gas first used in America to fuel street lamps in Baltimore; 1841 - William Tompkins used natural gas there to evaporate brine for salt, became first man in U.S. to use natural gas for industrial purposes; 1921 - gunsmith, William Hart drilled first gas well specifically for natural gas in United States in Fredonia, New York, to 27 feet to develop seepage seen on  banks of Canadaway Creek.

June 4, 1825 - Residence in Fredonia, NY used natural gas for illumination for first time for reception for General Lafayette; house brightly lighted by about 30 burners.

1898 - Adolf Messer (20) established family firm, Adolf Messer GmbH, in Frankfurt am Main, Germany; focused on welding (acetylene generators),  cutting technology; 1903 - invented first oxyfuel cutting torch; 1908 - began construction of first separation system, diversified into production of industrial gases; 1920s - produced first electric welding equipment, welding electrodes, large cutting machines for shipyards; 1952 - Dr. Hans Messer (son) joined company management; 1953 - opened American branch office in New York under name American Messer Corp.; 1965 - merged with parts of Knapsack-Griesheim AG, formed Messer Griesheim GmbH (Hoechst AG retained two-thirds of shares); 1988 - Stefan Messer (grandson) joined company; 1991 - divested electric arc welding, filler material business in Europe; 1999 - Messer Cutting & Welding subsidiary of Messer Griesheim GmbH acquired by Messer Industrie GmbH, holding company of Messer family (became sole shareholder); 2000 - Carlyle Group merged Cutting and Welding division with Swiss company Castolin Eutectic, formed Messer Eutectic Castolin Group (Messer family held 36% interest); April 2001 - Hoechst/Aventis shares in Messer Griesheim acquired by Goldman Sachs and Allianz Capital Partners; May 2004 - Goldman Sachs, Allianz Capital Partners shares acquired by Messer family; Messer Group GmbH, Messer Eutectic Castolin Holding GmbH became owner-managed industrial enterprise; Stefan Messer CEO.

Adolf Messer - Adolf Messer & Co. GmbH (http://www.adolf-messer-stiftung.de/images/kopf5.jpg)

January 1914 - William Stewart Herron, Okotoks farmer, made first gas discovery in Alberta (noticed gas bubbling along banks of Sheep Creek in Turner Valley; had formed Calgary Petroleum Products Company in 1913 in partnership with Archibald W. Dingman); discovered Dingman No. 1 well, struck gas; inaugurated Turner Valley oil era (1913-1946); speculators formed more than 500 companies overnight; interest in field waned over time.

January 1, 1918 - First gasoline pipeline began operation along 40 miles Salt Creek to Casper, Wyoming.

December 1925 - Houston Oil Company formed Houston Natural gas Company; 1976 - sold retail gas operations, focused on natural gas production; 1953 - Houston Natural Gas Production Company formed; 1984 - $3.7 billion in assets, revenues above $2 billion; January 1984 - $1.3 billion hostile takeover initiated by Coastal Corporation (Oscar Wyatt); hired Ken Lay as CEO; 1985 - merged with InterNorth (Omaha, NE) in $2.4 billion deal; formed Enron; rose as high as number seven on Fortune 500 list of U.S. companies; July 24, 1998 - Enron Corporation agreed to acquire British-based Wessex Water, PLC for $2.2 billion; entered world water utility market; signaled Enron's first move towards creating a global water subsidiary; Wessex Water slated to be crowning jewel of new concern, ffocused on developing water distribution systems, treatment plants in Asia, Europe, Latin America; 2000 - employed 21,000 people, revenue of $111 billion; December 2, 2001 - filed for Chapter 11 protection, one of largest corporate bankruptcies in U.S. history. 

May 13, 1949 - Mississippi River Fuel Corp. installed first gas turbine to pump natural gas at Wilmar, AR.

March 4, 1967 - First North Sea natural gas piped ashore to BP's Easington terminal on East Riding of Yorkshire coast of England; beginning of ten year national program of physical conversion of every appliance in country from coal gas to natural gas; 1962 - first surveys in North Sea; September 1965 - West Sole field discovered (70 kilometers off Humberside coast, in approximately 28 meters of water); July 1966 - drilling of production wells began; within ten years, West Sole field supplied almost all of Britain’s gas.

August 2008 -


March 15, 2009 - Number of oil and gas rigs deployed to tap new energy supplies across country dropped to less than 1,200 from 2,400 in summer 2008; global oil prices, American natural gas prices have declined by two-thirds since summer 2008.


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